Spanner Ground Screw Installation Guide

Watch our animated video to see how our range of DIY ground screws can be easily installed using the PRO Spanner kit, also available to rent. Perfect foundations for small garden projects, such as decking, fencing, sheds, and more!

Step-by-step Self-install Guide

Mark out the position of your project and follow the simple step-by-step guide to self-install your ground screws.

Step 1.

self-install ground screws spike

Use the spike to mark the location for each ground screw and create a small pilot hole for installation.

Step 2.

self-install ground screw spanner

Screw manually first to set up each ground screw before deploying the DIY Spanner.

Step 3.

self-install ground screws spanner

With slight downward pressure, turn the DIY Spanner clockwise to install each ground screw. This can be done with the handle split, or together for extra leverage.

Step 4.

self-install ground screw fittings

Combine the selected attachment to your installed screw, and get building right away!

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