Self-install Ground Screw FAQs

How do Ground Screws work?

As the Ground Screw penetrates the soil it compacts the soil around it, making it more compact. The helix on the screw helps pull the screw into the soil and also provides additional stability and load bearing.

How easy are ground screws to install?

Our DIY Ground Screws and Extensions are designed for ease of installation using the correct equipment provided and methods of installation we promote. Please refer to our installation guides and videos.

Do I need to buy the installation equipment?

You can buy or rent installation equipment with a refundable deposit. If you are a regular installer we recommend purchasing either our PRO Spanner Kit or our Gearbox 1:20 Kit for speed of installation.

How do I choose the correct length of ground screw?

Our Extendable DIY range of ground screws are designed to provide the perfect solution. You can choose from our range of different length screw tips and add our extension pieces until you reach good load bearing ground conditions or to take up the levels in uneven ground. What you don’t use you can return and receive a refund.

You can speak to one of our professional team for advice if you are unsure or your requirements.

What is the load bearing capacity of a ground screw?

This will depend on your ground conditions. Please refer to our load-bearing chart for information. We do not recommend installing ground screws in soft marshy ground as this will not offer good stability.

How long will Ground Screws last?

Ground screws are manufactured from steel and fully galvanised to approximately 70 microns. In average soil conditions our DIY Ground Screws will last in excess of 20 years.

How many Ground Screw do I need for my project?

You can use our Ground Screw calculator to provide you with the number of screws required. Alternatively contact one of our team to help with your enquiry.

Can Ground Screws be removed?

Yes, you can remove ground screws at any time by simply unscrewing them from the ground using the same tool to install them. You can even re-use them if you would like to relocate your garden project.