Gearbox 1:20 Ground Screw Installation Guide

Watch our animated video to see how our range of DIY Ground Screws can be easily installed using the Gearbox 1:20 Kit. Perfect foundations for small garden projects, such as decking, fencing, sheds, and more!

Step-by-step Self-install Guide

Deploy the Gearbox 1:20 Set to easily and quickly install BAYO.S DIY Ground Screws into naturally compacted soil, up to a depth of around 1000mm.

Step 1.

self-install ground screw spike
Once the location of your ground screws are marked out to suit your build create a pilot hole using a spike or and SDS drill bit. For best results this should be approximately 20mm diameter and approximately 250mm deep to provide a good pilot hole to locate and start your ground screw

Step 2.

self-install ground screw gearbox
Attach the ground screw drive adapter with your Gearbox 1:20 assembly to your ground screws and locate in the pilot hole. Attached the telescopic arm to your machine and secure against a ground spike against the rotation of the machine. The direction of installation is clockwise and removal is anti-clockwise.

Step 3.

gearbox 1:20 installation tool
Using the bubble level on the machine and/or post level on the ground screw ensure you begin in a vertical position. Use the Gearbox Handlebar Frame to manoeuvre the machine and gently adjust the angle as required to ensure your ground screw is installed vertical. NEVER adjust the angle by applying pressure on the machine, always use the rigid Handlebar Frame.

Step 4.

ground screw self-installation
Repeat the process throughout the installation of ground screws until complete until you have a level foundation to build from.

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