Self-install Ground Screw Applications

Our range of ground screws and extensions make getting a wide range of garden projects quicker and easier, all without digging, damaging your garden or the environment.

ground screws for decking

Decking & Balustrades

A decking area serves as a beautiful extension to your home and will enhance any garden, whether installing soft wood, hard wood, or modern composite decking.

Ground screws will provide a strong, level base for all shapes and sizes of decking, and help you easily overcome any sloping ground.

ground screws for fencing and gates

Fencing, Gates & Trellises

Garden fencing and gates not only define boundaries, they provide decoration and an element of privacy. Whether it's a simple palisade fence, stylish wavy paneling or something more contemporary, ground screws save you from digging post holes and avoiding using concrete to set posts.

A trellis can also add to a garden's space and style, and like fencing, can be positioned and installed quickly with ground screws.

ground screws for garden sheds

Greenhouses, Sheds & Summerhouses

Whether you're looking for a lovely retreat to relax in or a functional space for those green fingers, installing lightweight garden buildings has never been simpler and less stressful with ground screws.

Without the need for heavy machinery, digging, or disposal of excavated soil, ground screws can be installed without damaging your garden. You can also build on ground screws straight away without waiting on concrete drying.

ground screws for sheds

Climbing Frames & Playgrounds

If you have some cheeky monkeys looking to swing around a new climbing frame, ground screws can make the installation hassle-free!

Ever need to relocate the kids garden play equipment? Ground screws are not only easy to install, but they're also easy to remove and relocate!

Looking to install something even bigger? DIY Ground Screws are designed to support light-weight garden projects – and they're great at doing that! At RADIX, we also have a professional range of ground screws that are capable of supporting buildings of all sizes from garden offices, to holiday lodges and home extensions.

If you have any questions, or would like some advice on how ground screws can help you get your next garden project off the ground, get in touch, and we'll be happy to help.